Software Services

We provide software services for common Windows or Linux based infrastructure but our specialty is the area of entrprise communication, collaboration - groupware systems and enterprise social networks. We are a leading HCL business partner for HCL Collaboration Solutions in the Czech Republic.

HCL Software

Microsoft Software

  • Reselling of Microsoft Office and Windows OS
  • Administration of Windows server and desktop OS
  • Planing and administration of Windows Domains
  • Resseling, support and advisory on antivirus and antispam systems
  • Migration services for Microsoft Office 365
  • Application development for .NET
  • Training of users and administrators

Cross-vendor Services

  • Implementation of groupware systems for e-mail, calendar, collaboration and file sharing
  • Migration of e-mail systems such as HCL Notes/Domino, Microsft Exchange, Google Apps, Kerio and others
  • Implementation of enterprise social networks
  • Administration of Linux systems
  • Technical support services (contractual, SLA-based)
  • User training

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