HCL Sametime

HCL Sametime is a very sophisticated solution in the field of instant messaging. It enables real-time collaboration, whether in the office, at home or on the road. It can be used for immediate exchange and share of information and quick access to the data that you need.

HCL Sametime is a chat tool for companies, which includes text, voice, data and video real-time communication and many other features. It supports parallel chat with multiple users at once and conversation in a group. The chat tool allows you to send formatted text, emoticons, images, files, and even a copy of any part of your screen, accompanied by notes and sketches. Furthermore, users can share a screen or a selected application in real-time or call directly through Sametime or start a video call.

Effective company communication

HCL Sametime is one of the tools of a comprehensive strategy that is presented by HCL as UC2. It is a strategy aimed at creation of unified communication environment.

The abbreviation UC2 means Unified Communications and Collaboration. UC2 simplifies and unifies enterprise communication technology – from audio and e-mail communication and instant messaging to video and web conference. It can even significantly reduce your total communication costs (up to 40 %), with no need to change your current phone infrastructure, even in case you use various systems from multiple suppliers.

For more information about HCL Sametime visit HCL website.


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