Do you want to use the latest messaging and collaboration software but feel uncomfortable using a public cloud from HCL, Google, Microsoft? We have a solution for you: WhiteCloud is a private cloud SaaS service that combines the advantages of public clouds with all the benefits of an on-premises solution.

What is WhiteCloud

WhiteCloud offers modern tools for company communication and collaboration from HCL. WhiteCloud is primarily intended for midmarket clients with less than 1000 users. It supports file sharing, e-mail, calendar, chat, video conference, project team support and also workflow applications and more. WhiteCloud is solely operated by Whitesoft and therefore we can guarantee a unique mix of features and flexible conditions.

Benefits of WhiteCloud

  • Worry-free Operation
    The service delivery is based on a contract, that is concluded in accordance with the Czech law. We offer full support of the environment according to a signed SLA. Pricing is simply calculated by the number of users in the given month and by the selection of collaboration features.
  • Risk-free Solutions
    WhiteCloud is the first cloud service, that has a clear exit policy. We guarantee in the contract, that if you decide to move your WhiteCloud environment to your own hardware, we will allow that.
  • Quick Setup
    WhiteCloud can be fully operational within a few days (including the possible migration). The pace of deployment is comparable with public SaaS clouds. 
  • Security and Safety
    WhiteCloud is a private cloud, where all the clients are physically separated in their respective single-tenant environments. Their data is typically stored in our data center within the Czech Republic. We guarantee a limited number of people, who will have physical access to the data. We are also one of the very few cloud service providers, who allow you to define your own security policies. Regular data backup including a two week retention is a matter of course.
  • Maximum Flexibility
    If you wish, you can choose infrastructure from a variety of supported IaaS providers (e.g. Softlayer, Casablanca, O2, etc.). Furthermore we offer individual add-ons and extensions, exactly as if you had your own company server. 

Available Plans

We provide WhiteCloud in three fundamental plans. Depending on your selection of groupware features (HCL Notes/Domino), Domino applications and enterprise social networking (HCL Connections) you can choose from the following plans:

Main functions

E-mail Applications Chat Sharing
Included HCL products HCL Notes/Domino
HCL Notes/Domino

HCL Sametime
Limited Use

HCL Connections
W1 "Collaboration"
W2 "Messaging"  
W3 "Social"      

 We will gladly provide further details upon request.

Supported Add-ons

WhiteCloud is a very flexible service. The customization options are basically endless because every client has their own dedicated environment. We typically offer the following extensions:

Further Options

We can build a similar solution using other delivery modes than just SaaS. For example we provide HCL Domino/Connections/Sametime hosting service under the business name of WhiteSite or we can sell you traditional perpetual licenses and deploy HCL software to your own hardware.

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