SuperMail is an enhanced e/mail templete for HCL Notes that brings several useful features such as better handling of attachements, new message indicators, multiple signatures, character picker etc.


  • Multiple signatures and disclaimers (one click to insert)
  • Quick access to attachments directly from preview window or from action bar
  • Type of attachment indication
  • Link to a file in the body of a message
  • Mail highlighting advanced options

Detailed Description

1 - Multiple Signatures

Up to five different signatures can be created and marked by short title. Signatures can appear in the form of plain text or in HTML/Rich text format (incl. company logo etc.). Just one click to insert signatures to an e-mail.

User can also set a warning message notifying him of missing signature at the moment an e-mail is sent. This function can be disabled in case that an e-mail is sent to the sender domain (in case of a reply).

Tip: Many more options regarding e-mail signatures are offered by Corporate Signatures application.

2 - Quick Access to Attachments

Attachments can be opened and saved without necessity of finding files in the e-mail body. Names of all e-mail attachments are displayed in the preview panel. Just one click to open the attachment directly in associated application. (e.g. *.doc in MS Word) or click on "next" button to select one or more attachments from dialog box and saved them.

Otevírání příloh z náhledového panelu

3 - Attachment Icons by Type

Attachment icons in all previews enable quick distinction of attachment type.

Ikony příloh

4 - Adding a Link to a Shared File

User has the possibility to insert a link (shortcut) to a shared file to the body of a message.

5 - Mail Highlighting Advanced Options

Inbox messages can be highlighted for your better orientation. There are two ways:

1. User Highlighting

One or more messages marked by the user can easily be highlighted in accordance with user preferences. This can be done by clicking button  in the settings bar where the user chooses one of five color combination (text, background).

2. Predefined Highlighting

Messages can be highlighted by sender, subject or domain. Criteria are combinable; it means that user can decide whether it is sufficient for the message to fulfill one criterion or all at once to be highlighted. There are three color combinations (text, background) available.

Licensing and Prices

Prod. code Description Price without VAT
LN006-3000 Basic template 39 EUR

A single ("one-off") installment of a new mail template with an agreed design (for instance R9 std mail) or implementation of the selected functions into the template provided by customer.

Note: Once you have a mail template installed, adding other functions will only be charged by the licence price/s.

Enhancement Options

Prod. code Category Users Price without VAT
LN006-3001 A+ 1-49 250 EUR
LN006-3002 50-99 289 EUR
LN006-3003 100-999 366 EUR
LN006-3004 A 1-49 164 EUR
LN006-3005 50-99 193 EUR
LN006-3006 100-999 250 EUR
LN006-3007 B 1-49 97 EUR
LN006-3008 50-99 116 EUR
LN006-3009 100-999 154 EUR
Enhancement Category
Multiple signatures (HTML) A+
Direct access to attachments (Outlook/OE style) A+
Multiple signatures (unformatted text) A
User highlighting A
Predefined highlighting A
Attachment type icons B
Price Does not Include:
  • installation of templates on customer’s HCL Domino servers;
  • design changes of customer’s user mail databases;
  • distribution of associated files onto customer's computers;
  • new preferences setup (signatures settings etc.).

Attachment type icons and Multiple signatures (HTML) for 25 users:

item Price without VAT
A new template installation 39 EUR
Licence Attachment type icons (category B, 1–49 users) 97 EUR
icence Multiple HTML signatures (category A+, 1–49 users) 250 EUR
Total 386 EUR
  • We can deliver the template either as a file (files) or replicate on a selected server (conditioned by sufficient access rights) – on request.
  •  All accessories are in the same language as is that of user’s default template (samples are illustrative only).
  •  Requested additional changes of existing (standard) accessories are charged at hourly rate 37 EUR/hour. For new accessories price is to be negotiated, usually it is a fixed price per a licence.
  •  We are ready to provide all service related to new functions installation. Standard charge price is 48 EUR/hour for administration of HCL Notes/Domino system. It is also possible to negotiate a fixed price for a complete job of administration.


Multiple signatures setupQuick access to attachments
Attachment icons by typeAdding a links to a shared files
User highlighting – setupUser highlighting – view
Predefined highlighting – setupPredefined highlighting – view
Quick alarm dialog and created calendar itemInserting of special chars including emoticons