Corporate Signatures

Corporate Signatures is an extension to HCL Notes for central management and automatic inclusion of e-mail signatures.


  • Uniform company style
  • Signatures design on request
  • Sample templates
  • Creation of new templates requires no special knowledge
  • Signature generation does not require user interaction
  • Automatic update of signatures from modified personal data
  • Comprehensive display of templates and signatures


The system is based on templates using data from Domino Directory or other suitable address books with required personal data.

The templates are freely modifiable within HCL Notes client environment — you can change font, layout of name, surname, phone numbers, postcode, company logo, disclaimer and any other item.

The number of templates is not limited. Following the templates, the system automatically generates signatures and saves them into mail databases according to preferences of each single user. Users can choose from up to five ready-to-use signatures (various language options, different job position, etc.).

There is a button in a mail message displayed automatically for each signature, so a signature may be comfortably inserted by a single mouse-click.

Remark: Particular implementation always depends on the customer’s environment – especially access level to Domino Directory design and mail database is important. In case that changes in Domino Directory (names.nsf) are not possible, another directory or Corporate Signatures database directly can be used for the storage of personal data that is necessary for signatures. It means that the System can be implemented even in companies where the database access rights are restricted – by technical or political reason.


If a template (changed logo, disclaimer etc.) or any data in an address book are modified (phone number, office location, …), the system automatically (i.e. with no need for user’s intervention) recreates corresponding signatures and updates to users’ mail databases.

System Requirements

Licensing and Prices

Users Price/User
1–29 16 EUR
30–99 12 EUR
100–299 8 EUR
300–999 4 EUR
1000–2999 2 EUR
3000 and more 1 EUR

Corporate Signatures System is licensed per user; license unit price is given by total number of licenses of the Customer. Number of signatures per user is not limited. Customer can have unlimited number of Corporate Signatures database replications (not copies) installed on their servers.

Description Price
Annual contract on support of Corporate Signatures 127 EUR

Price includes:

  • free upgrade to the latest version of Corporate Signatures
  • reimplementation of customized parts (in case of newer version of HCL Templates)
  • complete technical support
  • 20% discount on programming and consultancy (associated with the Product)

VAT not included.


Corporate signatures databaseMessage with inserted signature
Signature setup within mail client and a signature preview