Why Choose Whitesoft?

1. We Are a Trustworthy Partner

We have been in business for almost 15 years. We are proud of our business integrity, our activities have never been “unorthodox” and we have always been very pedantic about avoiding any “gray” area. We have an open and transparent ownership structure. We are not linked to any political party or lobbyist; we make our living by providing high-qualified services. Public sector contracts are not what we primarily seek (though we naturally do not avoid them). Most of our clients are small and medium-sized commercial subjects that choose carefully who they give their money, and for what.

2. What We Do, We Do Well

We feel proud of the quality and expertise of our services. Our employees are well selected and we guarantee their skills and reliability. Most of our employees earned recognized professional certificates and regularly take trainings in new products or technologies.

We do not promise the impossible. We rather decline business opportunities which we cannot handle with 100 % confidence.

We do not uphold ISO 9000 certifications that are nowadays obtainable from “specialized” companies within a week just by paying a few bucks. Our people need not hide behind business processes – their erudition is guaranteed by their expertise, experience and our proven operational management.

3. High Quality for a Great Price

Often we realize, that our prices are better that the competition's, even though we offer better quality or conditions. How is that possible? The secret is hidden in our fine-tuned organizational structure, in the way how we manage the company and, of course, in the careful selection of our products and staff.

In parallel to IKEA’s famous business model, we also have cut many unnecessary costs for “expendable” items to optimize our cost structure. We keep invoiced figures low. When you pay them you do not feed a crowd of assistants, low-value sellers, Excel-fillers, etc. In Whitesoft, all employees are specialists in their fields and directly contribute to the value for clients.

If all the above is still not enough, then we hope to convince you with our references and the list of our loyal customers.

4. One Stop Shop for Many ICT Needs

Many of our customers – those from small and medium-sized businesses in particular – gratefully acknowledge the width of our portfolio. Thanks to our ability to deliver services in several areas which are usually provided by three to five suppliers, we can make your life easier. You can avoid not only a lot of bargaining but also coordination of multiple subjects including excuses such as “It's not our fault, it's theirs!”

5. International Supplier

We are a worldwide supplier in the field of HCL Collaboration Solutions and we can deal even with very demanding customers. Our services have been chosen by companies from all around Europe and even from other continents.

Our company might not be so big, but it is stable and constantly growing organically. We are spreading well on the international market with the staff of over thirty employees in two countries. Our finances are healthy, with no loans and a stable cash-flow.

6. We Are Close to You

We are running four branch offices in the Czech Republic and one in Belgium at the moment. We are within a two-hour driving distance to most customers in the Czech Republic and to many in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

7. No one ever got fired for buying Whitesoft

Being a longterm partner of the HCL (IBM) Corporation, we can hopefully dare to paraphrase their old famous catchphrase from the 1980s. We truly do not know about anybody, who has been fired for choosing Whitesoft as a supplier. We believe that our services would be always a positive contribution to your company’s success.

We value your trust. We take all contracts very seriously because we understand that with your order you linked Whitesoft to your own future and success.

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