WhiteStore is an advanced backup system with easy deployment and unbeatable price. It was designed as a universal backup solution for small and medium organizations but it is often used for server backup even by large companies. WhiteStore works as an feature-packed local backup agent that securely sends data to our datacenters - so we can call it also backup-as-a-service or a cloud-backup solution. 

You can find more information at www.whitestore.eu.

Online Backup System

Whitestore is an ideal solution for those, who want to safely store their data while paying low operating and acquisition costs. We have the right solutions for you whether you are looking to store a few files, hundreds of documents, thousands of photos and videos or even all of your company's data including servers.

All you need to do is choose between two versions of WhiteStore – Lite or Pro – download one of them and install WhiteSore client on your computer. Once configured, the client will periodically backup your data to our data centers in the Czech Republic.

The Lite version is designed for individual backup of all types of files from one computer, usually from a home computer or a company notebook. One account (one license) is intended for one computer.

The Pro version is suitable for backup of various data types from multiple computers under one account into a common storage, e.g. several servers or working stations in your company. This version can backup all types of files such as HCL Domino servers, HCL Notes clients, MS Exchange Servers, MS Exchange Mail Level, MS SQL Server, MySQL and ShadowProtect System Backup. One account (one license) is intended for an arbitrary number of computers.

Benefits for Customers

  • low acquisition costs and unrivaled prices for rented space
  • easy and free backup and data restoration
  • intuitive and easy administration
  • user-defined backup schedule
  • e-mail notifications
  • automatic data encryption prior to sending
  • Czech service provider
  • Contract in Czech according to the Czech law
  • data stored physically in the Czech Republic
  • geographically separated data centers
  • supports many OS
  • supports various types of backup systems and data formats