WhiteMON is a feature-packed solution for IT infrastructure & environment monitoring that we provide as a service with full support. Forget about complicated and expensive systems with weak support once delivered.

What Can WhiteMON Do?

WhiteMON is a professional solution for environment monitoring, that we offer as a service. We arrange everything needed into a turnkey service: starting with a supply of suitable sensors, cabling installation and detailed configuration of the system based on your requirements, incl. staff training.

  • Do you need to measure something continuously?
  • Do you wish to consult current and historical data at any time?
  • Do you require data archiving?
  • Do you want to be notified of a failure or a critical state immediately?

We have a solution for you!

WhiteMON provides data collection from the sensors, storing of measured values and their presentation in the form of well arranged on-line charts and tables. Data export to HTML, XML and CSV is supported.

WhiteMON can notify you of a critical state via SMS, E-mail, ICQ or other channels. Due to the web interface it is possible to consult current and historical data anywhere and anytime without the necessity to install WhiteMON on the working station.

Multiple users with various passwords and access levels can work with the system at the same time. Users can personalize the system — set their own splash screen layout, create notice boards with the most watched sensors, etc.

What Can Be Monitored?

  • physical environmental conditions (temperature, humidity etc.)
  • network devices
  • Windows servers
  • Linux servers
  • mail servers (Exchange, IMAP, POP3, SMTP)
  • web servers (Apache, IIS, Google Analytics, HTTP)
  • SQL databases (MySQL, MS SQL)
  • virtual servers (VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix, Virtuozzo)
  • SNMP protocol support
  • custom sensors (EXE, SSH script, VBS, Powershell) etc.

Integration With External Systems

WhiteMON can easily be interconnected with other systems and applications. In WhiteMON we can display online data from third party systems such as:

  • from Poseidon monitoring stations – temperature, humidity, pressure, smoke and motion detection
  • from MiniPLC regulators by Domat company http://domat-int.com/system/about-system/mini-plc – control system for objects of about 100 I/O points – measurement of temperature, humidity, status of inputs and outputs, etc.
  • from scientific and medical equipment – Brunswick incubators and others.

Data from WhiteMON can also be transferred to external systems via WebAPI interface.

Hardware Part

You can use your own existing hardware or we can deliver new components according to your requirements.

  • IP sensors for measurement of listed values and states (temperature, pressure, concentration, etc.)
  • Structured cabling (UTP) for transport of information from the sensors to the server
  • Local PC/server for data collection (recommended)
  • Internet connectivity

Software Part

WhiteMON provides a graphical user interface (web or mobile) with many features:

  • Reading values from the sensors in a specified interval
  • On-line graphical output: live/ 2 days/ 30 days/ 100 days
  • Historical data export "from–till"
  • One time report or automatic periodical reports in HTML/PDF
  • Notification of sensor state via SMS, E-mail, ICQ, etc.
  • Program control of other equipment (e.g. ventilation in case the temperature exceeds given limit, etc.)
  • Data archiving for 100 years backwards
  • Nonstop access to the system via Internet (web access)
  • Data security – user password, various access levels
  • Notice boards and maps with preselected sensors
  • Possible integration with other systems (quality management, ERP, web applications, …)
  • English language user interface

Application interface

Mobile application

Typical Deployment

Client's Requirements

  • Client requires to measure temperature at 6 places in two separate locations (structured cabling available in one location only).
  • Five sensors to measure temperature in incubators and one sensor in a freezing box all with an accuracy of 0,1°C.
  • Client wants to be notified of an exceeded temperature limit (more than 2°C for more than 3 minutes) via SMS.
  • Client has his own local server running Windows.


  • Whitesoft delivers 2 monitoring devices with 6 thermal sensors (five for the range of –30°C to +125°C, one for the range of –190°C to +200°C).
  • In cooperation with the local IT admin, we build the missing cabling.
  • We install necessary software to the existing server, connect the sensors and set up the monitoring devices.
  • In cooperation with the local IT admin, we configure a connection to WhiteMON server.
  • We define user accounts based on the requirements and we advise on configuring an SMS gate in accordance to client's mobile service provider.
  • We test everything, demonstrate functions and hand the product over to the client.