Ever wanted to see detailed reports regarding user activity in HCL Connections? Do you need to prove who accessed, modified or even deleted a piece of Content?

WhiteCAT is an easy to use audit tool that connects to HCL Connections database and processes hereby stored data. WhiteCAT does not create or alter any HCL Connections data, it can not even read it. Therefore WhiteCAT does not break any data privacy or security as the auditors can only see who did what and not read the content itself.

The main features of WhiteCAT are:

  1. Search for user activity (by name or UID)
  2. Search for content activity (by UUID)
  3. Lookup content by name

In addition you can also:

  • See the overall system activity
  • Follow a link to open the content in HCL Connections (if authorized to do so)
  • Export data into XLS

System requirements

WhiteCAT is a web application that runs in its own application server. For an easy installation WhiteCAT is distributed in a form of VMware appliance.

  • Supported VMware version is 5.5 or newer
  • Supported HCL Connections versions are V5.5 and V6.0 for Multiplatforms over HCL DB2 database

(MS SQL and Oracle databases may be supported in the future upon request.)


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Events related to a piece of contentLookup any content by its name