MQTT Broker

MQTT Broker is a communication component for Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Everything (IoE) that allows simple and effective linking of various sensors with other components of the communication infrastructure using the MQTT protocol. We offer a hosted MQTT broker as well as many accompanied services.

Nowadays, IoT or IoE technologies are rapidly advancing. IoT - Internet of Things - is a generic term for technologies related to connecting various sensors and devices to the internet. We offer a hosted MQTT broker that allows you to rapidly develop your IoT/IoE infrastructure. MQTT broker can serve as a universal gateway for IoT/IoE communication between various sensors that support the MQTT protocol and legacy IT systems.

The main benefit of MQTT is in ubiquity and easy implementation of the MQTT protocol into most devices. What's more – you can easily create advanced communication patterns to link things, people and data into various processes.

We offer further services built on the MQTT infrastructure including 24/7 monitoring and facilitation of advanced mediation flows that allow you to interconnect the world of IoT with the traditional world of IT. With ease, you can transform events detected by sensors into e-mail messages, Twitter updates or into interactions with your information systems.

The ability to act or react based on measured data brings new possibilities, interactions and countless economical opportunities for both companies and individuals.


  • High availability,
  • easy to implement MQTT technology,
  • related Whitesoft services – monitoring, mediation flows, event management,
  • low cost,
  • flexible approach to each customer,
  • consulting services.

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