WhiteWay is a universal email gateway that can be used in many ways. It can be a primary or a backup mail server for incoming mail or even a relay server for outgoing mail. Simultaneously, it can offer antivirus and antispam protection. WhiteWay is provided as a service - simply put, without any additional operational costs you can be assured your company's mail is constantly reliable and secure.

Backup Mail Server

If you run your own mail server in your corporate network, you should be prepared for the situation that a failure can occur (local network, firewall, server itself, Internet, …) and your mail server will not be available to receive e-mails from the Internet. If such a problem does occur and it is not resolved quickly, you are at risk that incoming e-mails will be returned to senders as undeliverable. It can cause a loss of business, trust etc.

The solution is to run a backup mail server, ideally with a different (independent) Internet connectivity than the primary server and placed in a geographically separated location. Such requirements, including the necessary hardware and software, are unreachable for many companies. But there is a simple solution – our service WhiteWay. We provide a backup mail server for a fixed monthly fee, so you don´t have to invest in your own system and then take care of its operation.

The secondary mail server, that will be provided for you as a service, will receive and store your e-mails in case of unavailability (for any reason) of your primary mail server. If you wish, our server can also make virus and spam check (see Scenario #2). After the operation of your primary mail server is renewed, e-mails will be automatically forwarded from the backup server to your primary one and safely delivered to the recipients.

This solution does not require any installation of your own hardware / software. The only necessary action is editing the DNS settings of your Internet domain (or more domains for the same price).

Spam and Virus Protection

Are you dealing with the anti-virus and anti-spam protection? Or have you put your own mail server into operation, leaving your current mailhosting provider? Have you found yourself in a situation, where you cannot provide effective anti-virus and anti-spam protection for e-mails, as such protection was previously handled by the provider?

If your mail server does not have this functionality, the solution is to filter viruses and spam on the front-end server or firewall. If your company does not have the necessary equipment and do not want to invest in another system, including its maintenance, the solution is to use our service -Whiteway. We will provide you with two mail servers for receiving your mail for a fixed monthly fee (why two? see Scenario #1), which will include anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Checked e-mails will be passed on to your mail server.

This solution does not require installation of your own hardware / software. The only necessary action is editing the DNS settings of your Internet domain (or more domains for the same price).

Outgoing Mail Relay

Many mail server providers are using spam protection that limits incoming emails from unfamiliar domains based on the IP addresses of servers that sent the spam. They are blocking the dynamically assigned addresses (or even static addresses from certain ranges) that internet providers are giving their clients and that are often being used by spammers.

If that is the case of a public address that your mail server is using, you can have a problem with sending emails to domains that use these filters on their servers. The solutions is not to send mail to unfamiliar domains directly from your server (from a blocked IP address) and to use a so called SMTP relaying. The SMTP relaying gives your mail to another server that isn't blocked and that can send the mail to the recipient.

We offer this solution for relaying internet mail as a service for a fixed monthly fee.

Our solution can include even special cases such as:

  • you need SMTP relaying for your scanner or other mailing system (e.g. alarm) and for whatever reason you can't use your internal mail server,
  • provider is blocking outgoing SMTP service (TCP port 25).

In case you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us – the WhiteWay solution can handle even very specific problems concerning mail routing.