Registration to HCL Connections

Since version 5.0, HCL Connections license allows an unlimited number of guest users – called external users – to access HCL Connections environment. This is a huge value for every customer because it leverages the investment into HCL Connections and allows communication and collaboration “across the firewall” with customers, suppliers and business partners.

However, HCL Connections provide no tool to register such users and therefore we created this handy application. It provides functions to (self-) enroll external users into HCL Domino database and propagate them into HCL Connections servers. There is a simple web form to register new users, an optional approval workflow, and some integration stuff under the hood. The application requires an HCL Domino server to run and store user records.

The application supports two modes of operation.

A. Self Registration

In this scenario, the application is exposed to public usually via a link from HCL Connections login page. The external users self-register themselves and wait until their application is approved.

  1. The external user accesses the registration form and fills in all required user data. He or she must identify an internal employee who can prove the legitimacy of the request. In addition, he or she can also indicate some preconfigured areas of interest.
  2. Depending on the security policy, the request can be routed to a group of internal employees who approve request from external users and a notification e-mail is sent.
  3. One of the designated internal users approves (or denies) the application. Before that he or she is expected to reach the indicated colleague to justify the request.
  4. Once the request is approved, the external user is routed via TDI into HCL Connections and the requestor is notified via e-mail.

B. Registration by Employee

In this scenario, external users are created by authenticated and authorized  internal users. Typically, all employees are allowed to invite external users.

  1. The employee just fills a forms providing information about the new external user (internal users can be also supported).
  2. Optionally the employee can add the new external user into external communities (or an internal user into internal communities) she or he has access to.
  3. In a configured time period, TDI propagates the new user from Domino into Connections.
  4. A welcome e-mail message is send to the new user with initial password. The registrator is on copy in case some further help is needed.


  • Boost the value of HCL Connections by external collaboration
  • Simple user interface
  • Fast deployment
  • The application can be customized (by Whitesoft) to meet your needs

System Requirements

  • HCL Connections 5.0 or later (target environment) connected to a Domino LDAP service
  • HCL Domino 8.5.3 or later with LDAP and HTTP services and a system or custom addressbook database

Supported Languages

English, Czech, German, French, Flemmish. Other languages can be added per request.


The application is licensed per site, the price depends on the number of internal users. Instlattion services (if requested) and any customization are charged extra. The license is permanent and includes 2 hours of system support (via e-mail or phone) and fixes for a period of 12 months. New version are not included in the license and there is no annual support fee. New versions are subject of further development – in general, they are offered for 20 % of the initial purchase.


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