Adoption of social business

By adoption of social business principles organizations can improve various areas of their operations by 10 to 30 %. However, introduction and promotion of a new way of work accompanied by culture changes often faces many obstacles. Therefore the expertize of an experienced consultant is often needed to lead the way.

Mastering of a social collaboration tool, such as HCL Connections is certainly important, but it's not the purpose of the effort. Usually, the IT part only takes 20-25 % of the whole process, the rest includes a change of corporate culture and work habits - and this is where many projects fail. That is why it is highly reccomended to walk your adoption journey under the guidance of an experienced partner, who was engaged in similar projects before. Doing adoption yourselves for the first time most likely leads to a failure. (Once you come to this conclusion yourself, you know where to find us.)

The adoption of social business is a process, that takes half a year to a full year at the minimum. The process covers multiple areas of communication, collaboration and processes within an enterprise. At Whitesoft we utilize best practises from several proven methodologies, that we continuously improve to reflect the latest international studies and lessons from conferences. Even though we don't avoid technical aspects, tool integration or user trainings, the focal point of our involvement is consulting and mentoring key users. We will help you find the right people in your organization, build communities and organize social content in a purposeful way. Each company is specific, requires a unique approach and therefore each adoption project is unrepeatable.

What's required from your side? We need either an forethinking leader, a group of top managers or the company owner, who believes in positive change through a open communication and who will help transform the organization. We need someone, who will set the goals and show others the way. Then we can step in and help move things forward quickly. We will plan and supervise your journey so you don't go astray.

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