Applications for HCL Notes/Domino

We have built many enterprise solutions on our long-standing experience with developing applications for the HCL Notes/Domino platform. These applications are affordable, quickly deployed and easily customized to your company's needs:


Business Integrator
Service organization management – customer database, timesheets, invoicing


Business Trips
Workflow application for domestic and foreign travel requests


Corporate Signatures
Automatically generated and distributed e-mail signatures


"Datové schránky"
Electronic communication (data boxes) with Czech government institutions - for HCL Notes/Domino


Workflow application for out-of-office request processing


Incoming invoice authorization


Simple system for management of service requests (ticketing system)


Inventory Management
Manage your hardware and software records


Districts Database CZ
Database of Czech towns and villages used for filling out HCL Notes forms


Purchase Orders
Workflow application for order approval


Team Calendar
Aggregated calendar view showing team member availability


Registration to HCL Connections
External user registration to HCL Connections


Enhanced mail database for HCL Notes


Task Management
Advanced management of built-in tasks in HCL Notes


Two-way synchronization of address books between HCL Notes and smartphones


Safe storage for passwords, licenses and other sensitive data


Universal archiving/migration tool


Intranet Portal
Company intranet on HCL Notes/Domino platform


Training Management
Staff training management

We also offer applications designed for the HCL Sametime platform:


Assistant Robot
Virtual assistant, that searches various datasources including Domino database