Training Services

Are you interested in IT or do you want your employees trained? We offer both catalogue and custom courses lead by experienced and friendly professionals in the areas of our expertise. The courses can be either public or closed only for your company. Many trainings focus on end-users but we can also do trainings for administrators and developers.

HCL Collaboration Software

Several times a year we organize courses based on our own curiculum. Most often they are delivered in the Czech language and adapted for Czech clients but we can run courses also in English and some other langueas upon request.

In case you are interested in an in-depth administrator or developer training in HCL software, we can either sell you an official HCL training or provide individual training through our consulting services.

Microsoft Office Applications

We often see, that employees do not know how to use all of the office application's potential. The negative consequences do not have to occur immediately, but effective use of these applications will definitely improve both your bottom line and customer relations. We offer beginner and intermediate courses on:

  • Microsoft World
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access

Operation Systems

Have you got a new network administrator or technical support person? Are you not a 100% sure about his or her knowledge? We can train your employees to acquire necessary skills to ensure smooth operation of your computer systems. We offer trainings in:

  • Microsoft Windows administration
  • Red Hat Linux and CentOS administration
  • SuSE Linux administation

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