WhiteSafe is an ideal environment for storing vulnerable data, such as passwords, license and access codes, logins, etc.

Safe Database for Vulnerable Data

For many years, IBM Notes/Domino platform has been synonymous with the utmost data security. Therefore it is an ideal environment for storing vulnerable data, such as passwords, license and access codes, logins, serial numbers and data of similar character.

In the WhiteSafe Database environment, it is very easy to assign users who should have access to particular data entries. It means that only the entries accessible by the user are visible, the others are hidden and an unauthorized user doesn't even know that they exist in the database. Each entry is encrypted by a unique key which ensures that passwords cannot be retrieved even if the whole database is stolen and the identity of its owner compromised.

WhiteSafe Database allows faster setting of access right for more users simultaneously by using "Teams". The structure of Teams is defined in Domino Directory. As a record is saved, access for all current team members is automatically set up.

It is possible to specify a validity start and expiration date for entries.Specific entries are highlighted with colors (blue – valid in the future, green – valid at the moment, red – valid in the past (expired)). A reminder can be set for each entry, notifying the user that an expiration date is near.

Entries can be sorted by type, category, access and date or displayed in a calendar view. Furthermore it is possible to sort entries by client, business partner etc. based on the search in an external database e.g. CRM (module Contact Management , see Business Integrator).

Passwords for new entries can be submitted either manually or you can let the system generate passwords automatically. Strength of automatically generated password can be set up (its length, use of numbers, and special symbols).

Another security enhancement is represented by "Copy protection" function. This function forbids copying any part of the text, the whole document, its printing or E-mail forwarding.

Common users, who have no right to delete database entries, can move them to the Archive folder. They can be restored or permanently deleted by the administrator with appropriate rights.

User pre-selection offers individual font settings for better readability of passwords (distinction between symbols "l" and "1", "O" and "0", etc.), default values of the fields in the form incl. automatic generation of password of defined strength and other settings.


  • Top level of data security
  • Categorization of entries by customer, category, access rights and expiration date
  • Calendar view with expiration dates
  • Entry expiration settings with e-mail notifications
  • Color highlighted entries by start and end of validity
  • Safe deleting of entries (folder "Archive") with recovery option
  • User preferences for individual settings
  • Easy access rights settings for users or work teams
  • Entries sorted by customer from external database (e.g. Contact Management module – see Business Integrator)

System Requirements

  • IBM Notes/Domino R6 and higher


Entries by ClientEntries by Access
Calendar with entriesNew entry
New entry with quick access setting by teams and branch officesUser settings