WhitePhone is a virtual telephony switchboard service (VoIP). Without the need to buy your own infrastructure you can enjoy benefits of the latest VoIP technology with all the perks, useful functions and savings that it brings.

Virtual VoIP switchboard

Renting a virtual switchboard is an ideal solution for everyone, who wants to use a modern VoIP switchboard that facilitates direct lines and cheap call rates without the hustle of purchase fees and high maintenance costs.
Many features are a matter-of-course with WhitePhone, such as easy call forwarding (even to mobile phones), practical connection with your e-mail address, where you can receive call reports, voice mails and incoming faxes.


  • No installation or purchase fee (except for telephone sets)
  • Free calls within the office
  • Cost control – notification or call restriction in case of reaching a given threshold
  • Call reports via e-mail or web interface
  • Interactive voice response functionality – voice prerecorded instructions (press 1 for business department, 2 for technical department, …)
  • Direct phone number to every desk
  • Easy administration of the switchboard through a web interface regardless of where you are
  • Unlimited number of parallel calls for all users (ISDN line is limited to 2 concurrent calls)