WhiteMerge allows bidirectional synchronization of contacts between HCL Notes address books and mobile devices.


  • Two-way synchronization of up to 11 directories
  • Intelligent management of synchronization conflicts
  • Easy management of access rights
  • No need for special IT skills
  • Individual user preferences
  • Small amount of transferred data during synchronization


Even today smart phones and other mobile devices (further referred to as MDA) are limited to only one address book when synchronizing contacts with your computer, since MDA alone is able to communicate with only one address book. Users are forced to copy company and other common contacts to their personal directories – beside their personal contacts. The drawbacks of this approach are obvious – it generates duplicate data and the contacts copied this way are not automatically updated when changed in their original directory.

WhiteMerge allows to synchronize MDA contacts with both a personal address book and other shared or private directories. The basic version allows synchronization with one private and up to ten other address books.

An automated update of a contact in your MDA (e.g. when your colleague changes his phone number in company directory) and vice versa is a-matter-of-course feature of this application.
Contacts in your personal address book are updated in both directions, for other address books the direction depends on their access rights.

If a conflict occurs (a contact modified both in MDA and source directory), the system can automatically react in the following four ways:

  • keep data from MDA
  • keep data from source
  • keep both versions
  • keep the most recently edited data

When a new contact is created in MDA, it is possible to directly assign the desired target database.


Setting WhiteMerge is an easy and user friendly process. The system administrator defines a group of possible source address books and maximum access rights for users. Users themselves then select which address books should be synchronized with their MDAs and how to solve possible conflicts. WhiteMerge management (e.g. adding users, managing directories, checking logs) does not require any special IT skills and is performed via clean and coherent interface.

Information about possible problems (attempts to change contact in a directory, which the user is not authorized to edit) are logged within the application and sent by email message to specified persons.

System Requirements

  • HCL Notes/Domino


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Address books and Access rights setup for userLog listing
WhiteMerge setup on server