Training Management

Training Management is HCL Notes/Domino application for management, planning and scheduling of staff trainings.


Training Management provides a perfect overview of available courses and seats per particular course, number of registered participants and status of required resources (beamers, text books, training aids).


Training Courses

Training courses are displayed in a well arranged overview in the main window based on selected criteria (date, location, lecturer, etc.). The status of the training courses (open, scheduled, running, closed, canceled) is indicated by different colors.


Training courses can also be displayed in a calendar view that supports optional filtering by instructor, chair, location, room, status, etc. A training course form supports (beside the standard fields such as title, start date, end date, location, room, list of invitees) many other additional information such as the list of required resources, registration date, minimum attendance required, maximum number of seats (training course capacity) and training course language.

Invitations & Notifications

Proposed participants of a new training course receive invitation e-mail with all information regarding the training course. One click registration can be carried out either from the invitation e-mail or via the Training Management application. Registered persons are notified of any potential updates via e-mail.

If the number of registered participant exceeds the course capacity, then the last enrolled people are put on a waiting list. In case that any registered participant cancels their seat, one person from the waiting list moves to the group of participants and a notification e-mail is generated.

Pozvánka s možností registrace

Resources Reservation

If it is necessary to book some shared resources for the training course, it can easily be arranged via the standard resource database in HCL Notes.

Rezervace zdrojů

Reports & Tickets For Admins

Training Management application offers on-screen overviews of training courses and also various pre-defined reportings.

Tikety podle výsledku


Training administrators can set a wide variety of option that affect the behavior of the application and enrollment process:

  • default values in form fields
  • color indication of workflow stages
  • user interface in English or Czech (depends on the regional settings in HCL Notes)
  • language versions of invitations and notifications, etc.

System Requirements

  • HCL Notes/Domino
  • booking of resources requires a database according to the standard HCL scheme (resrc.ntf)
  • Training Management application settings such as a mail-in database in NAB

Licencing and prices

Prod. code Description Price without VAT
LN007-1000 Training management 770 EUR/server


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