Task Management

Task Management offers easy assignment of tasks to employees and monitoring of their completion. Its main advantage is a full integration into personal calendars in HCL Notes so there is no need to track tasks in multiple places.

Main Features

  • Perfect overview of every task's status
  • E-mail notifications on status updates (accepted, completed, dates, etc.)
  • Integration with personal HCL Notes to-do list/calender
  • Many categorization options (possible to connect with CRM)

New Task

Task Management profides advanced form for creation of new task. When creating a new task it is necessary to fill out the title, select a client and a project, set the begging and end dates, set priority and finally select the person, who should complete the task.

Tasks are groupped by clients and projects. In case the project for a given client doesn't exist, it is possible to create it directly from the form New Task form. Each project contains a title, a start date and an end date. It is also possible to select a client, for whom the project has been created.

Task Assigning and Completion

Each task can be assigned to an individual or to a group of users or just to yourself. In case of an individual/group assignment an e-mail message is sent to the responsible person(s). The person can accept or decline the given task, re-schledule it or request further information. All involved people receive e-mail notifications when a task status changes. Certain tasks can be marked "for me only" to prevent overwhelming of your personal Notes to-do list with unimportant taks from Task Management application.


All projects and tasks can be sorted by many criteria (title, project manager, status, etc.). Task Management even allows you to work with multiple projects and to visualize  projects and tasks in colorful reports.