B2C Portal solution displaying online business information from various sources to the customers via web browser or HCL Notes client.

PremiumReports is a solution displaying various business information, such as financial reports, industry news, blogs, charts, customer files, contact info and online status of account responsible employee's etc. The source data are updated by employees using HCL Notes client and published on the web server. The customers can access data via web browser. The system is based on Domino Utility software, which provides web server with authentication.

  • Open system based on robust and reliable HCL Domino Utility platform with all its native advantages (offline work, data security, replication, web access, integration with HCL Notes/Domino messaging and collaboration functions, mobile support, integration with HCL Sametime instant messaging features etc.).
  • One time cost only, no maintenance fees (end-user helpdesk and support possible on hour rate basis).
  • Taylored customizations and programming of new features on demand.
  • Integration with 3rd parties software (accounting, homebanking etc.).
  • Rich set of manager reports (real hour prices, contracts rentability etc.).


  • Online access to business information (manager reports, news, blogs, charts contact info
  • Online status of account responsible employee's with live chat functionality