HCL Verse

HCL Verse is a revolutionary e-mail from HCL that helps you cope with the flood of e-mail messages. By using a variety of innovative ideas, HCL has created a new generation of e-mail client with a unique design and simple control to facilitate the daily work – it can help you manage tasks, share information with colleagues easily or plan your time.

HCL Verse is an e-mail client designed for users who work with mobile phones and tablets. It uses advanced analytical and search functions so that it works for you and not you for it. In short, it understands you.

HCL Verse helps you focus on what is really important – to prioritize tasks and keep track of what you have to prepare for colleagues or, conversely, what they should send to you. New user interface has a pure design and it is designed not to distract the users with anything what they actually don´t need for work.

HCL Verse connects you with the whole company. You do not have to switch between e-mail and other tools anymore. HCL Verse interconnects e-mail with enterprise social network HCL Connections and with chat HCL Sametime into a single coordinated unit.

Why to choose HCL Verse?

The way we work is changing quite rapidly; the amount of news and information that is streaming to us is gaining a frantic pace. The solution is not to spend more time in the office or evenings by reading and sorting e-mails. The solution is a new way of working, which will bring back your dominion over your mailbox and thus lost productivity.

How to get HCL Verse?

You can work with HCL Verse via web browser or mobile phones and tablets. Czech language support is obvious. Mobile applications you can download from AppStore or Google Play.

If you are interested in presentation of HCL Verse or more information, please contact us. Depending on your existing e-mail solution, we will help you to find the best way to migrate to HCL Verse.


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