The Tale of Whitesoft

Whitesoft was founded in the year 2000 by Petr Bílý and Hugo Van Geet from the Belgian company Van Geet, Dereck & Co (VGD). Their initial business plan was to develop software for management and administration of service-providing organizations. Within a year the first version of so called Business Navigator was finished and released for HCL (IBM) Notes/Domino 4.5 platform.

Significantly large experience collected by using Business Navigator in VGD, requests from other customers and possibilities brought by later versions of HCL (IBM) Notes/Domino resulted in further development. In 2002 the application was rebranded as Business Integrator and it is being developed and marketed till present. In 2004 we decided to port it to the Microsoft .NET platform – which gave birth to the Business Integrator .NET. Both products are focused on companies that offer accounting, audit, consulting, software, graphical, DTP, pre-press and production services.

In the following years we gradually broadened our portfolio. For example, we added custom application development services, many ICT services including hardware and software supplies, telecommunication services, IT consulting and audits and some ready-made solutions of our own. Thanks to the variety of offered services Whitesoft was able to provide end-to-end solutions in many ICT fields, in particular for smaller and medium-sized companies.

In 2007, we have introduced a series of products branded as WhiteSolutions in response to growing demand for leading-edge solutions – but with a low TCO and high added value. Among those solutions were an innovative backup system WhiteStore, a firewall solution Whitewall, a virtual telephony switchboard WhitePhone and a monitoring system WhiteMON.

With respect to longterm business activities in Western Europe – particularly in Belgium – a subsidiary company Whitesoft BVBA was founded in Brussels in 2008. Its main goal was to strengthen our position on the West European markets and to contribute to further development of Whitesoft.

In 2011 we started selling IBM software products more intensively and over some time we became one of the most qualified suppliers of HCL Collaboration Solutions in Central Europe. Apart from the traditional product lines of HCL Notes/Domino and HCL Sametime we nowadays focus mostly on HCL Connections and HCL Connections Cloud. We are expanding our activities in the field of enterprise social networks and help companies to acquire new forms of social communication and collaboration.