WhiteBerry is a hosting service for a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). Why buy and care for your own Blackberry server when you can take advantage of Blackberry hosting provided by Whitesoft.

Service Description

  • the service is built on the latest version of Blackberry Enterprise Server for HCL Notes/Domino
  • synchronization of HCL Notes documents (e-mails, calendar, notes and tasks) by means of "Push" technology
  • support for BlackBerry messaging (free encrypted messages between BlackBerry users)
  • more directories can be synchronized by means of WhiteMerge application


  • you don’t need to worry about purchasing your own hardware and software for BlackBerry server
  • you don’t have to care about maintenance – software update, license renewal, operational cost, reliable internet connection, security, etc.
  • BlackBerry software won't reduce company server performance
  • BlackBerry Enterprise functions instead of limited BlackBerry Internet Service
  • support service available in case of a technical problem, device loss, etc.
  • guaranteed availability of 99.9 %