IBM Connections

Organizations are now, more than ever searching for an integrated solution that would allow them to communicate and collaborate effectively. IBM Connections is a social software that helps you connect the right people, their ideas, proposals and solutions and achieve faster and better reactions to various causes. The outcome of using IBM Connections includes improved knowledge sharing and innovation support, which quickly shows in the business results.

Get to Know IBM Connections

IBM Connections allow for a comfortable and easy way of communication between employees, business partners and customers. Create communities, save documents, manage projects, assign tasks and have control over users' access and edit rights.

IBM Connections is an enterprise software that uses the principles of social networks to help improve knowledge sharing between employees, involve the right people in the right conversations and support innovations. IBM Connections help employees effectively communicate, accomplish tasks quickly, share information across the traditional organizational structures, increase productivity and improve decision-making.

Better Intranet, Better Company

Do you want a better intranet? After deploying IBM Connections, organizations achieve improvements in a number of areas, for instance:

Users can work with IBM Connections through a web interface or a mobile application for iPhone, iPad, all the devices with Google Android or BlackBerry. IBM Connections are also integrated into desktop operation systems Windows and Mac OS, into office suite applications like Microsoft Office and many others.

IBM Connections Are Best Suited For… Everything

IBM Connections are a very universal tool for communication, sharing and collaboration. What exactly can you do with IBM Connections? That's up to you:

  • Give your employees the power to communicate and be creative – from wherever and via web, mobiles or desktops.

  • Easily share content from local disks, photos from mobile devices, messages from email clients and documents right from your desktop application.

  • Quickly find anything you need. Get your bearings in the sea of information, filter out anything irrelevant and focus on the right ideas.

  • Build your own network of contacts that will help you solve your everyday tasks, advise you on various matters and that will become a source of valuable information.

Create an intranet in your organization that will allow you to capture people's natural need to communicate, exchange information, share knowledge and form interest groups. All of this can benefit the company and the individual alike. Rather than sending files here and there in multiple versions – share your files. Find experts in various fields based on their comments or their files. You can contact those experts and ask for their help or just follow their new achievements. Create longterm topic-oriented communities and work spaces for your teams.

You can easily create an environments with IBM Connections, where you can freely share and exchange information and files, discuss topics, share knowledge, vote on new ideas and collaborate on documents.

Choose a Suitable Tool

Create communities, write blog posts, share knowledge in wiki, save files, manage projects, assign tasks and have control over users' access and edit rights.

Unlike many one-purpose cloud solutions, IBM Connections contain a number of integrated tools, so you can choose the most suitable one for the task at hand. IBM Connections allow more than communication between people, they interconnect the whole company (people and documents) and add a sensible context to all conversations.

Complementary functions and services

IBM Connections aren't just one “programme”, but a platform you can expand upon with many other functions. You can have your Connections tuned to your preference. It's possible to add (or remove) menu items, adjust the graphical design or add a completely new function (pages or widgets). Our customers often ask for:

We also represent a number of foreign companies on the Czech market, who offer proven accessories for IBM Connections.

  • Kudos Badges - IBM Connections add-on for gamification
  • Kudos Boards - activities add-on
  • Kudos Analytics - analytical tool for IBM Connections and Kudos Badges
  • Kudos Awards & Thanks - add-on for awards and thanks
  • Web Content Extension for IBM Connections - XCC - IBM Connections add-on for content management
  • Domain Patrol Social - administration tool for IBM Connections
  • Connections Administration Toolkit - CAT - tool for easy administration of IBM Connections
  • ProjExec for IBM Connections - IBM Connections add-on for project management

Thanks to suitable accessories you can unfold the potential for collaboration in your organization and improve productivity and employee involvement even more.

Freedom of Choice

IBM software offers amazing flexibility when it comes to licenses, purchase and administration of the whole solution. You can buy IBM Connections as a server for your company, ans a hosted solution by Whitesoft (WhiteSite), as a public cloud service by IBM (IBM Connections Cloud) or as a private cloud service (WhiteCloud).