WhiteSite is a solution for those, who think about basing their company on social business, on collaboration and on sharing knowledge and documents, but who don't know where and how to start. Our product puts together first-rate social software with our hosting solution, end-user helpdesk, necessary system support and other service upon your request.

Product Description

WhiteSite allows implementing selected social software upon your choice, in a very short time and at affordable prices, no matter if you already have your own server, running Microsoft Windows domain or using just opensource applications so far. We can always adjust the WhiteSite solution to all scenarios which may occur.

Products and services included in WhiteSite package:



We will advise you on which tools and applications best suit your social business needs. There is always a possibility for a trial period before you make the final decision on the software purchase. WhiteSite includes full support not only for the servers and network infrastructure, but also the end-user helpdesk service.